About us

The Business of Purpose 

The Do Good Shop is a Doing Good Works company.  At Doing Good Works our mission is to foster the purpose of business to improve lives and connect communities.  We know positive messages can have a powerful impact on our lives.  So we started to put them on our shirts.  It started with Be Kind and Do Good, has grown into several other sayings and will continue to grow.  We want to share these messages with everyone through the Do Good Shop!


Turn Transactions into Transformations 

Doing Good Works's lives by a 10/20/30 model.  This means that 10% of our gross profits goes back to organizations who are improving the lives of young people who have spent time in foster care.  Also, 20% of our employees time (one day per week) may be spent in the community making the world a better place.  Lastly, we strive to ensure that 30% of our workforce is made up from those that have spent time in foster care.  We see every transaction as an opportunity to provide a transformation in the lives of those in our community.  


Our Hope for the Do Good Shop

  • to empower young people to have a positive outlook
  • to surround young people with messages of kindness, gratitude, courage and perseverance
  • to hire young adults who have spent time in foster care to learn more about customer service and to help facilitate the customer experience at the Do Good Shop
  • to help young adults carve out their own path using the skills they learned during their time working with Doing Good Works and The Do Good Shop

Ethically Made Apparel

All of our shirts and tops are made by manufacturers that are WRAP certified. WRAP certifications require certain standards to be met in the treatment of employees and environmentally friendly in sourcing products.

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